Valetudo Health’s Mission

Valetudo Health’s mission is to inspire their clientele to:

  • Be injury and pain free
  • Reduce their risk of chronic disease i.e. diabetes, stroke &, cardio vascular disease
  • Reduce their risk of lifestyle influenced cancers i.e. skin, bowel, lung & breast
  • If already diagnosed with cancer or chronic disease, assist them to manage their condition and alleviate some of the associated burdens
  • Be fit and healthy
  • Feel good i.e. low stress & sleeping well
  • Achieve their health & fitness goals
  • Experience what the world has to offer

And aid workplaces to:

  • Implement preventive approaches where possible
  • Reduce expenditure on reactive solutions
  • Identify the right personnel for the job
  • Apply and communicate appropriate injury prevention methods
  • Promote positive lifestyle behaviour
  • Boost employees morale
  • Reduce lost time to injuries
  • Reduce workers compensation claims and insurance premiums
  • Design/modify workplaces to reduce risk of injuries
  • Design/modify workplaces to make them more comfortable and enjoyable for workers
  • Reduce employee turnover rates
  • Reduce sick days taken