Valetudo Health Team

Mr. Shane Johnstone - Exercise Physiologist

Shane is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist holding a Masters degree in Occupational Rehabilitation and Workplace Injury Management along with a Bachelor of Science (Sport Science), Bachelor of Business (Sport Management), Certificate IV in Safety, Certificate IV in Fitness, Certificate IV in Training, Assessment and Evaluation, Certificate IV Healthcare (Ambulance) and a Bronze Medallion. Shane draws from his diverse previous work experiences as an Exercise Physiologist in a Rehabilitation & Wellness Clinic, Vocational Rehabilitation, Researcher for Edith Cowan University, Strength & Conditioning coach for WAFL Football and State teams, Lifestyle Coordinator on remote mine sites, Health Consultant for corporate companies and the Content Developer of Men’s eHealth Network to provide a holistic health approach for his clients.

Shane’s main area of service focus is musculoskeletal injuries under the WA Workers Compensation act.

Shane is also the CEO of Be Inspired Foundation an organisation that aims to improve the health of disadvantaged youth by helping them to engage with appropriate health professionals for diet advice, exercise guidance and adjustment counselling.

Shane is an endurance sport enthusiast, primarily running, but also enjoys cycling, swimming and paddling

Mr. Shane Johnstone

Mr.Mitchell Craig - Exercise Physiologist

Mitch is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist holding bachelors degrees in both Sports Science and Exercise Rehabilitation. Mitch has developed his passion and knowledge in exercise physiology throughout his experience providing customised goal focused training and facilitating healthy behavior changes at various health clubs, gyms, private therapy practices, corporate health companies and rehabilitation centers.

Since becoming an Exercise Physiologist, Mitch has been dedicated to offering an ‘individualised’ approach to his health advice and fitness sessions, in order to exhibit health and behavior changes that are entirely suited to each and every individual. Mitch shows a particular passion in coordination and movement training for children and teens with developmental disorders and hopes to eventually specialise in this area of practice.

Mr. Mitchell Craig

Ms. Maria Justo - Remedial Massage Therapist

Maria is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and currently undertaking further study in Musculoskeletal Therapy (Myopractic). Maria blends a number of therapeutic techniques into her massage practice; Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofasical Release, Kinesiotaping, Bowen, Sports Massage and Relaxation combined with Assessment to create unique and individually tailored therapy sessions to help restore balance to the body and facilitate optimal tissue function and healthy range of motion.

Her experience working with allied health professionals has helped her gain valuable knowledge and know-how working with injuries, soft-tissue disorders and clients who are recovering from accidents and chronic pain. Maria also has experience working with clients with life challenging illnesses gained through her two years as a volunteer at WAAC.

Maria has worked with the West Australian Women’s National Basketball Team, West Coast Waves in their 2012/13 and 2013/14 seasons and has provided massage therapy to many different athletes including Rugby players, cyclists, strength athletes and runners.

Ms. Maria Justo

Mr Robert Harper - Sports Physiotherapist

Rob has a Diploma of Health Science, Massage as well as a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and recently  completed his postgraduate masters degree in Clinical Physiotherapy majoring in Sport. Rob was previously the Head Trainer for the Fremantle Dockers, a position he held for several years before stepping aside to focus on studying in the health sciences field.
Rob is a life member of Cottesloe Rugby Union Club and City Beach Surf Club. He has played over 300 first grade games, represented WA over an eight year period and was awarded the prestigious PG Hampshire trophy for the Fairest and Best player in the Western Australian Rugby union. In the surf club, Rob won numerous club awards for distance running events as well as a number of state titles in surfboats and beach events. Rob is also a keen runner, completing several marathons, one under three hours,  and half marathons as well as annual local races. Rob and his wife Jenny are keen trekkers and have hiked to Everest Base Camp in the Himalayas and through the Andes to Macchu Pichu as well as walking the Cinque Terra (in one day!), Amalfi Coast in Italy, Camino in Spain and the Coast to Coat in northern England. Rob completed  two voluntary tours of duty with Equal Health with other health professionals providing a range of medical services to the poor and disadvantaged people in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India. 
Like the rest of the Valetudo team, Rob loves the challenge of helping others be their best and lead an exciting, challenging, active and fulfilling personal, family and team life

Mr. Robert Harper

Mr. David Bryant - Accredited Practising Dietitian

David Bryant is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Sports Dietitian. David has also been a Personal Trainer for over 8 years. These two passions of his neatly tie in together in assisting his clients achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals.

David has a strong involvement in the endurance sport scene, with a personal best marathon time of 2 hours 48 minutes (four times under 3 hours) and a Half Ironman Triathlon finisher in 4 hours 24 minutes. David attributes these achievements to applying his nutrition and fitness knowledge to his everyday lifestyle.

This in depth knowledge and lifestyle experiences assist his clients in achieving their goals whether that be a sport specific goal, weight loss target or specific dietary requirement.

​Eating to live but also living to eat is a passion of David’s where the specific lifestyle goals and preferences of his clients are taken into consideration to tailor a client centred nutrition plan.

Mr. David Bryant

Ms. Sarah Dunjey - Exercise Physiologist & Pilates Instructor

Sarah is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist holding a degree in both Exercise and Health Science and Exercise Rehabilitation, as well as a qualified Pilates Instructor with a Diploma in Pilates Instruction from Pilates Fitness Institute. Sarah integrates her knowledge of the Pilates method into her Exercise Physiology work to ensure the client receives a well-rounded, comprehensive exercise experience.
Sarah is a passionate dancer with 20+ years experience. She has completed all of her CSTD Theatrical and Tapping exams, achieving high results in her Theatrical Performance Shield (2013) and Gold Cross (2016) as well as completing RAD Ballet exams. With this experience she has been able to work with many young dancers to help them grow and improve. Sarah has a major passion in identifying and helping dancers of all ages to improve any muscle imbalances, strength deficits and flexibility issues to help them achieve their dancing goals.

With her love for fitness Sarah has taken to endurance running with completing her first half marathon in the 2017 Chevron City to Surf.

Ms. Sarah Dunjey

Ms. Corrie Fillmore - Athlete Coach

Corrie Fillmore is a Triathlon Australia Accredited Development Coach, with both a Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness. She has extensive experience in coaching beginner to advanced level athletes in the triathlon discipline to multiple personal bests.

Her athletes have achieved the following notable results:

  • 2nd place 55-59 Male Busselton 70.3 2016
  • 1st place Open Female Dwellingup 60km MTB 2016
  • 2nd place 25-29 Male Geelong 70.3 2017
  • 3rd place 25-29 Male Busselton 70.3 2017
  • 3rd place 25-29 Male Liuzhou 70.3 2017
  • 2nd place 25-29 Male TWA State Standard Championships 2017
  • 1st place 25-29 Male Karri Valley 2017
  • 2nd place 25-29 Male Triathlete of the Year 2017
  • 3× 70.3 Ironman World Championship Qualifications (Tennessee 2017)
  • 1x Ironman World Championship Qualification (Kona 2017)
  • 1× 70.3 Ironman World Championship Qualification (South Africa 2018)

Corrie has previously spent 4 years personally racing various distances of triathlon and has completed 8 half-Ironman-distance triathlons with a number of top 10 age group results, as well placing 3rd in the Overall Pursuit Sprint Series 25-29F in the 2014/2015 season. She is currently an A grade female cyclist in WA, placed 2nd in the State Open/Elite Road Race Championship 2017, and is regularly on the podium at a number of local road races and criteriums.

If you are interested in Valetudo Multi-Sport squad training and coaching services, please check out the athlete page or contact [email protected]

Ms. Corrie Fillmore

Ms. Kate Neates - Paediatric Physiotherapist

After graduating from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy), Kate worked in the Private Practice Musculoskeletal and Sports area for 4 years. She volunteered for 5 years with the WA Wheelchair Sports Association as the Head Physiotherapist for the Perth Wheelcats, WA’s National League Wheelchair Basketball Team whilst also completing a season as a Physiotherapist with the WA Football Commissions AFL 16s and 18s State Development Teams.

Following this, Kate moved to a hospital setting in the remote areas of Port Hedland and Derby where she continued to grow passionate towards the areas of community health care, in particular working with children. Kate instigated sports injury education sessions within the football teams based in remote communities as well as introducing Derby to Clinical Pilates. In 2015, Kate returned to the metro area and re-commenced working in community Paediatrics whilst completing a Masters in Advanced Paediatric Physiotherapy Practice.

Kate continues to be passionate about holistic treatment in Paediatrics. She has a specific interest in neurodevelopmental therapy and sensory regulation issues in children with global delay, which involves early intervention therapy in children with gross motor delay and follow-up care for pre-mature infants. Kate has recently completed the General Movements Training, which involves screening infants at high-risk of developing a disability within their first few months of life. This assessment is crucial in identifying children with Cerebral Palsy through observing their movement patterns from 25 weeks gestational age through to 3 months post-term age. It is essential in allowing these infants access to early intervention therapy, giving them access to services which will assist in them developing to their fullest potential.

Kate has become particularly passionate about the care of children who have been affected by drugs and alcohol pre- and post-natally and carries out regular training on Self Regulation as well as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome for healthcare and education professionals.

Ms. Kate Neates

Ms. Leah Queit - Accredited Practising Dietitian

Leah is a qualified Nutritionist and Dietitian with a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Nutrition, Post-Graduate degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. She is an accredited Practising Dietitian with 9 years experience.

She holds provisional accreditation as Sports Dietitian. She is undertaking her 12 month mentorship to attain full accreditation.

Leah has an adventurous nature and has a passion for trekking recently completing the snowman trek in Bhutan. She is a passionate runner, with a personal best marathon time of 3 hours 00 minutes 02 seconds (2016 Chevron City to Surf ). She is currently working hard to crack sub 18 minutes for 5km. Leah is dedicated to working and supporting children and their families in a family focused approached as she has experience in adult and paediatric nutrition and dietetics. Leah’s expertise and areas of interest extends from infant, childhood, adolescent , maternal health and adult nutrition. She is a specialist in mealtime issues including; growth faltering and fussy eating and gastrointestinal diseases and intolerances. She is experienced in food allergies, sports nutrition, obesity and weight management.

Naturally, with a Foodscience background Leah loves to create and prepare practical, affordable wholesome meal plans for her patients. She is a passionate home baker of sourdough bread. These passions tie in nicely with her career goal to improve Australians health and well-being through promoting well balanced diets.

Leah also works as a senior clinical dietitian at Perth’s Princess Margaret Hospital. Her experience extends to her previous work with children and adults in London where she worked at Evelina’s Children Hospital and the prestigious Bupa Cromwell Hospital.

Ms. Leah Queit