Health Assessments

The Valetudo Health Team can come to you or you can come to us. Finding an option that works for you is what we are interested in. We want to see results as much as you do!

As a new client you are required to perform a baseline health assessment to assess your health risks. If we feel it is necessary we will take the precaution of referring you to a general practitioner for a clearance letter. Once an approval letter is received we will move forwards to help you achieve better health. The Valetudo Health Team will request to do follow-up assessments, so your progress can be tracked. Follow-up assessments are important because risk factors can change and we need to be aware of this to act in the best interest of your health.

Follow-up assessments are a great opportunity to highlight what you have achieved! If you didn’t quite reach your desired outcome, it gives the Valetudo Health Team the opportunity to consult you on your strategies and search for possible reasons for falling short.

Health Assessments should be coupled with goal setting so a health focus can be established. The Valetudo Health Team offers guidance through the goal setting process which is too frequently done ineffectively due to:

  • Failing to select appropriate and realistic goals,
  • Not quantifying the specific outcome they are expecting to achieve,
  • Just generalising the focus,
  • Not establishing a process to see if they are on track to achieve the end result,
  • Not putting in place strategies to achieve their goal,
  • Not listing motivations to achieve the goal and
  • Not identifying a reward for achieving the desired results.

The Valetudo Health Team will guide you through a simple process to aid you with your goal setting, equipping you with the tools and knowledge so you can achieve your desired results. Goal setting can be applied in many aspects of your life. The end results are likely to be a happier and more productive you that’s proud of what has been achieved!

Contact the Valetudo Health Team for more information on these services.

For pregnant ladies please complete the Pregnancy Health Questionnaire (PARMED)prior to the appointment.

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