Holistic Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomics is about fitting the workplace to the employees and includes a diverse range of factors i.e. layout, design, equipment, systems, techniques adopted, temperature, lighting, air flow, colours, culture, rosters, work hours, social aspect, work-life balance, communication, PPE, clothing and many more…

The Valetudo Health Team can assess existing workplace environments or assist your company with planning and drafting of new workplace environments with their workplace designer.

The Valetudo Health Team will observe and consult while the employees are performing their job tasks, if able to they will assist the employees there and then to make the necessary changes. Otherwise a report will be produced with recommended changes and possible options. The Valetudo Health Team will draws from previous experiences and their expertise to achieve optimal workplace systems. The Valetudo Health Team feel it is important to build rapport with the employees and management team and consult them directly about what changes they feel needs to be made. The Valetudo Health Team can also couple the assessments with seminars to explain why the changes need to be made, which will improve acceptance and compliance.

Valetudo Health offers a number of packages to cater for varying needs and wants, so you shall be pleasantly surprised with Valetudo Health’s deals!

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