Specialised Seminars

Impact seminars can be a great way to inspire employees to make the necessary changes to achieve good health, whether this is by:

  • Reducing their risk of injury, chronic disease, cancer and fatigue
  • Assisting them to improve their lifestyle choices
  • Educating your workforce with tactics to manage harsh environmental conditions and/or shift work
  • Improve team work and communication

The Valetudo Health Team draws from their diverse range of expertise and presenting skills to provide suitable and effective seminars. The Valetudo Health Team has access to the latest research findings and is spoilt with professional presenters, such as Dr Mike Newton a leading lecturer in the field of Exercise & Health Science and Shane Johnstone who has a Masters in Occupational Rehabilitation and Workplace Injury Management. If necessary the team can tailor seminars specific for your workplace needs or you can choose from the following themes below:

Injury Prevention

  • Stretching & Postural Awareness
  • Back Care
  • Manual Handling Skills
  • Applying Ergonomics in the Workplace

Mind and Body

  • Overcoming Fatigue and Sleepiness
  • Making Healthy Diet Choices
  • Getting Physically Active
  • Health Risks Awareness

Workplace Factors

  • Improving Team Work & Communication
  • Coping Strategies for Shift Workers
  • Coping Strategies for Harsh Environmental Conditions

We are sure your company can relate to the need of many of the above seminar topics. The best thing is that we can help you reduce the impact of these workplace issues, so your company can begin to focus more on improving market share and profit margins.

Valetudo Health offers a number of packages to cater for varying needs and wants, so you shall be pleasantly surprised with Valetudo Health’s deals!

Contact the Valetudo Health Team for more information on these premium services.

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